Python Programming – Comments

In this tutorial will explain, how to use comments in python programming language.


A comment is a piece of text that doesn’t affect the output of the code. The comments use to understand the purpose of a particular program. It doesn’t display the output of the program.

Python programming has two type of comments:

  • Single line comment
  • Multiple line comment

Single line comments in Python

# used to begin the comment in python programming.

#Single line comments

Multiple line comment in Python

The multiple line comment begin and end with triple quotes(” ” “).

This is 
comment example in python

To add a multi line comment you could insert a # for each line:

#This is multi line comment 1
#This is multi line comment 2
#This is multi line comment 3

Python is the most popular and widely-used programming language for many years. You can learn Python programming with examples by following our Python articles sequentially.

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  1. Nice article. Helpful information.
    Comments are an important part of any programming language.
    It gives us a better understanding of the program.

  2. I Am really impressed with this blog because this blog is very easy to learn and understand clearly. This blog is very useful for college students and researchers to take good notes in a good manner, I gained much unknown information.

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