Start Learning Python Programming

Now, We are going to start learning python programming and I hope to bring a set of tutorials for you like this.

Introduction of python

We had been heard about many IT languages and among these, Python is a basic language. Most people like to study this language because of the below characteristics.

  • Python is an object-oriented language.
  • Python is a high level and interpreted language.
  • It’s short and it has fewer syntactical constructions more than other languages.
  • It uses the English keyword like other programming languages.

How to install python?

You can install python 3 into your desktop machine or notebook

Download python 3

Where do we code python?

We can use various IDE for coding python such as notepad++, sublime text, PyCharm . . . etc.

  1. pycharm download
  2. notepad++ download
  3. eclipse download
  4. netbeans 8.2 download
  5. vscode download
  6. sublime Text download

You can download one IDE for start learning python programming with our site.

We run our first python program


We use “print” keyword for printing any statements as output as below syntax.

print("The statement that want you print.")


1. First we code like above syntax in text editor.

print("Hello World!")

2. Save this file by a any name with “.py” extension

3. Run this file .

4. This program produce below output.

Hello World!

You can free learning Python programming by following our Python articles sequentially.

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